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From Elliot's Blog: A DUSTLAND FAIRYTALE Empty From Elliot's Blog: A DUSTLAND FAIRYTALE

Post by Brendon's_Killer_Queen on Sat Oct 10, 2009 12:11 pm

I moved to Florida from England right after my 13th birthday. I had always been told America was the land of opportunity. My life so far has been a living testament of just that. I’ve dared to be a day dreamer and act on those dreams for as long as i can remember. Which has now brought me to this next chapter. So here we are. First off i have to say how completely flattered i am by all of you who have shown your love and good feelings towards my decision to leave Hey Monday. For those of you that are devastated i will do my best to reach out to you as my intention in leaving was never to upset anyone. What i can gather from what a lot of you are saying on all the other sites is that you’d like to know why exactly it is that i left. Like i said in my statement with the bands, it is never easy for anyone to walk away from any opportunity to do what they love, especially if that opportunity involves living your passion every day. For me as much as i loved being apart of such a moving band i had gotten to a point where my interests weren’t the same as the other members of the bands. Hey Monday has dreams, and i have dreams of my own, as i’m sure every single of one of you do, and i encourage everyone to fight for those and never settle for anything less than what you think you deserve. Always be true to yourself and follow your heart, and never get in the way of anyone trying to follow theres. As cliche as it might sound, you’ve got to love you for you, and be honest with yourself. I believe in being part of a team, because i think theres power in numbers. I would never want to let any team i was apart of down so despite a change in feelings for myself i was staying in Hey Monday in the hopes that i wouldn’t let my team down. With that being said though, for a team to work every member has got to strive for the same direction and at this current time in my life I’m choosing a new direction. I know for many this is not ideal. As much as i am the guy on stage, I’m also the fan on the other side of the barricade. I have idols, I admire others entertainers and artists, I see people i love walk out of my favorite bands too for one reason or another, i know how much it can hurt when you have an attachment to something like that.

To the ones that want to know my next move, you should know me better by now to know i never give myself away that easy. There’s a silver lining to every storm ball, I’ve counted my blessings, and a whole new set of opportunities have already begun to present themselves. Expect to see my in the studio, on the road again, and doing what i do best, and what i love best, performing, in no time at all. The future is looking brighter from where I’m standing, don’t let the sun blind you on the horizon line. Stick this out with me and I’ll make it worth your while as always, still got a few tricks up my sleeve.

Please know that my time in Hey Monday has been the best times of my life to date. I would never trade anything for it. I feel like i’m in debt to every person thats given me the chance to do what i love doing every day. So if thank you’s are still good for something then i owe a million to Jay Harren, Rohan, Bret, Milo, Scott, Rob, Gabby, Bob, JD, Sam, Dave, Jason, Becky, Brent, Andrew Keller, Jamie Humphries, Jeff Perry, Erika, Jen Mallory, Duncan Johnson, Jen Citron, JJ Cassiere, Frosty, Pete, Brady, Dave Watson, Beth, Cat, Matt Galle, Jake Ottmann, Doneen, Slay J, Joe Clay, Zach, Jenna, Perry, Tim, Luga, Noah S, Nano, Danny K, Nick Scimeca, Amanda, Ryan Miller, Jeremy Michaels, Chris Martin, David, Alex, JM, Oscar, Josh W, Tyler, AJ, Joey BDH, Marky GK, Mike Cipcari, Bryan, Michael Berlin, Kip Beelman, Steve Scal, Patrick IQ, Andrew and Eric, Alex Collins, Leigh, Spencer, Nano, Cal Knapp, Behringer, Delicious, Dan Rosenburg,Taya, Machi, Hiro, Rei, Chet Cannon, Both Chris V’s, CP, Brendan Klein, Kyle K, Dylan, Bil Doc, T Fair, Nick Santino, Eric Holv, Loren, Alex DeLeon, Cash, Johnson, Marshall, Sonny, Ian, Dan, David, Andy, Gavin, Porter, William Beck, Butcher, Sisky, Guy, Mike, Travis, Hunter, Danny, Drew, Scoot, Chad, Max, Rian, Alex, Jack, Zach, Flyzick, Greco, Rooster, Patrick, Pete, Joe, Andy, Henry, Justin, Dre, AJ, Marcus, Diaz, Kadavar, Danny Hutto, Gabe, Vicky, Ryland, Nate, Suarez, BND, Ant, Trace, Mason, Blake, Martin, Beef, Bryan, Paul, Johnny, Mayday, Bigger Lights, Out Of Sight, Stereo, Every Ave, Friday Night Boys, Versa, ADTR, Hush Sound, There For Tomorrow, Cartel, and every band out there thats been good to me. Thank for keeping it real. Every fan, every person that bought a ticket, every person that loved it, every person that hated it, all the people on AP, every person i’ve ever talked to after a show, every person that sold me cereal at a rest stop, every person thats bought my art, every person that made fun of me for looking good in tight pants, every person that watched me play, every person that brought my gifts birthday or not, people all over america, in canada, england, scotland, wales, japan, singapore, manila, australia, new zealand, that came to a show, people everywhere in the world that talked to me, added me, or listened to me, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Finally, thank you to Cass, Jers, Pimpshaw, and Mike, you don’t an explanation to know how much i feel for you guys. Do great thing, i know you will. LTD

It’s been a pleasure,

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